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Goldcreations – Custom Jewelry from Mike Mayfield on Vimeo.

I completed this spot for the client this past November, but it just began airing this month so I thought I would share it with you.

We could have told people how this jeweler uses 3D design software to mock up the jewelry so you can see exactly what it will look like before you approve its manufacture, or we could have mentioned that they use a computerized state of the art mill to cut the wax mold exactly the way the jewelry was intended. But we didn’t. That information is useful if you are trying to decide which jeweler you’ll use to create your custom jewelry, but why would you bother having a custom ring or necklace made in the first place?

There are a lot of reasons people have custom jewelry made, but every one of those reasons touch on one thing: the person doesn’t want the same thing everyone else has. They want their piece to be unique. Directly address that desire and your ad will resonate with your audience.

It helps to remember what you’re really selling.


Copy-cat advertising

I often have small businesses tell me, “I’d like to have an ad like So-and-so’s.” That’s almost always a mistake. You want to stand out and be different in the minds of potential customers. You certainly don’t want to bring to mind your competition, unless you can do so in a way that shows off your product’s or service’s superiority.

That’s why I was surprised to see this Super Bowl ad from Motorola:

The ad introduces a new tablet computer from Motorola, the Xoom. The biggest problem with the ad? Everything about it reminds you of Apple.

The ad itself is a knock-off of arguably the most famous Super Bowl ad in history, the Apple Macintosh “1984” ad.

The Motorola ad has similar imagery, with identically dressed workers lined up in massive hallways catatonically walking to their destinations, and one lead character who doesn’t fit. That lead character is seen reading George Orwell’s 1984 on his tablet computer.

Even if you haven’t seen Apple’s original ad, when the lead character turns the page of the 1984 e-book, I bet you thought of the iPad. That’s not a great way to launch your new tablet. Everything about this ad reminds you of Apple and does nothing to differentiate the Xoom from the iPad.

It leaves you with the impression that this is just a knock-off, sort of like those watches people sell on street corners. Anyone want a “Roleks?” How about a “Guchi?”

I’ve shared this quote before, but it’s good advice from one the the greatest advertising minds ever:

“In advertising, not to be different is virtual suicide.”

– William Bernbach

You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors? Then don’t copy them. Be original.


Have you considered cable?

When a small business owner thinks of advertising, they often think of the newspaper. That’s understandable. The local paper traditionally has been the best place to find out what’s happening in your local area. And despite its decline, it’s still probably the best place to find local news in a small town.

But there’s another advertising venue that deserves a look: cable television. Local cable television advertising is often a very effective way to advertise. Advertising rates are typically lower than a broadcast television station and often cable is the least expensive advertising in the area, yet you have the same advantages in communicating your message as you would if you advertised on broadcast television. So let’s take a closer look.

One of the biggest advantages of television advertising is that all the ads are the same size. Your ad will be the same size as the big national chains. You can show your product or demonstrate your service, show your store or office, and really let the people in your area get to know you even if they are not currently doing business with you. Since video involves sight and sound, the viewer is more engaged with your ad, which is why television commercials are typically remembered more than other forms of advertising.

You’ll still need to say your message in a way that strikes a chord with the viewer, which is true for all your advertising. But once you have your message, the effective engagement of video can create a powerful delivery.

The second advantage of cable is the cost. While it is true that broadcast TV reaches more people than cable, it is also true that broadcast TV costs a lot more. You pay less for cable precisely because it reaches less people than broadcast TV. And you should not be basing your advertising on whether you can reach more people somewhere else, but on how much it costs to reach the people who will be seeing your advertising. The lower cost of cable means that you can build the necessary frequency at a rate you can afford.

While the cost of cable varies market to market, often it is even less expensive than newspaper or radio and carries the potential to be far more effective. Don’t rule out advertising on cable television until you’ve given it a thorough look.


Make your message strike a chord

Last week I wrote on the two most important things to do when making an ad. With that in mind, I’d like to share a TV spot that I did a while back for one of my clients, a jeweler in Wichita Falls.

For a jeweler, differentiating yourself from all the other jewelry stores in the area can be difficult. Every jeweler sells watches, rings, and bracelets, and does repairs as well. People expect that. So how do you get people to remember you when its time to buy a ring?

The way you do that is to come up with a message that resonates with people. When they hear your message, they think, “This guy gets it.” Because so few people seem to “get it” now days, you stand out.

The message we wanted to say with this ad is really simple: We have the gifts that are meaningful. Now that we have the message, all we need to do is say it well.  If we say the message well, in a way that strikes a chord with people, they’ll respond in a positive way.

The spot below was very successful. Your advertising can be successful, too.

Goldcreations Valentine’s Spot from Mike Mayfield on Vimeo.


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