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Who Are You?

A common problem with small businesses, especially new ones, is that they have an identity problem.  Their business name is spelled out with a different font on every piece of print material that is printed.  Sometimes a logo is created, but it is only used when convenient.  Why is that a problem, you ask?

Imagine that you meet someone for the first time.  They are dressed rather nicely, perhaps in a suit and tie.  The next time you run into them, they are dressed as a cowboy complete with hat, boots, and spurs.  It takes you a minute to recognize them, if you recognize them at all.

A few days later, you run into this same person again, this time they are dressed as a sailor, and the next time you see them they are dressed like Napoleon.   If you manage to recognize and place this person each and every time, you would wonder what it is they do for a living.  That is not a big deal, unless this person wants to do business with you.  Would you buy something from this person?

This is the way many small businesses present themselves, with no thought to the image they project to potential customers.  By creating a different image with every piece of marketing or advertising, they never build any recognition in their marketplace.  Although this business has advertised many times to the same potential customer, that customer doesn’t recognize them.  It is sort of like signing your checks a different way every time.  You’ll have everyone wondering if you are legitimate.

The value of a logo is immeasurable.  It creates instant recognition in your marketplace.  When a potential customer sees your advertising, they immediately recognize who you are.  This consistent image or signature not only lends credibility to your business, but it creates a snowball effect in your marketing and advertising.  Every time that customer sees your ad, they become more familiar with you, and more likely to do business with you.

Have you given thought to your business’s identity?  If not, then you should.  Invest in a logo if you haven’t already.  Then use it in every sign, ad, or marketing piece.  That’s how the big boy’s grow their business, you should do the same.


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