How’s your web site? screenshotI finished this real estate web site for a client not too long ago. Because of the dynamic property listing database and the user content management system, it was the most complicated site I’ve overseen. Fortunately, I work with some great people, so things went well.

As complicated as things are on the back end of this site, the site itself communicates its message in a fairly simple manner. We’ve talked before about the need to keep things simple in order to communicate effectively, and this is still true even for a web site. Because so many things are possible in a web site, it is tempting to try to incorporate as many flashy elements as you can in order to get attention. This is always a mistake. If your message is relevant, then it will get attention. If you message is not relevant, then all the flash and pizzazz in the world will not help you grow your clientele.

Slate recently did an article on why restaurant web sites are so bad. It’s worth reading. And ask yourself, “Is my web site driving my customers mad?”


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