Cheerleader cheeringWhen making an ad, most people want it to be exciting. That’s understandable. If people are excited about your product or service, they’re more likely to become customers. And besides, no one wants to be boring.

But exciting may not be the best choice.

While all ads must have an emotional pull, excitement is not an emotion that can be sustained. Excitement takes a lot of energy and you grow tired of it very quickly. Once your audience has become familiar with you – and that’s exactly what you want – you will not be exciting anymore.

Do you want people to grow tired of your ads? Then try to be exciting. You’ll get tired and your audience will get tired of it. You might get some short-term benefit, but it is not something that can be sustained.

But there is another reason excitement doesn’t work: you can’t manufacture it. You can jump up and down and cheer all you want to, but when you get people’s attention they will ask you, “What’s all the commotion about?” The answer to that question will determine whether or not the audience gets excited.

And that leads us to your message. The message is the most important part of your advertising. It’s more important to be relevant than it is to be exciting. People respond to relevance, and they never grow tired of it.

People buy products for a lot of reasons, but rarely do they buy something because its exciting. Make an emotional appeal that addresses the real reason people buy your product or service, and people will respond to your ad.


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