Wrough Iron Contracting

Wrough Iron Contracting logoHere’s a look at the new logo for Wrough Iron Contracting, a logging contractor in British Columbia. Wrough iron is another name for wrought iron, the metal that blacksmiths bend and pound to make their wares.

The company name immediately brought to my mind the image of a branding iron, and the owners loved the idea. Early drafts incorporating a literal branding iron were abandoned. Eventually the mark became an actual representation of a livestock brand.

The WR in the icon was selected to emphasize the spelling of the word “Wrough,” distinguishing it from its homonym, “rough.” If the brand is “called,” or read aloud, it is the Bar W R Combined. Both the icon and the lettering have a rough feel to them, as if they have been burned into the page by a branding iron.

This was a fun logo to work on. The client loved it and it will serve them well into the future.


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