Costa Brava

Costa Brava 2-color logo

This is a logo that I recently completed for a logging company. The client wanted to tie the icon into the rugged coast of British Columbia; costa brava is spanish for “rugged coast” and BC is where the company is located. ┬áThe area in which they primarily operate is known for its difficult, steep terrain.

Being a logging company, a tree of some sort was explored, as was an icon that was reminiscent of a rock. Given that Prudential pretty much has TOMA on rock images and every timber company in the world has a tree in their logo, we explored a variety of images that captured the idea of a rugged, isolated place.  The client loved the end result.

They can also use the paw icon as a stand-alone element in their marketing. A lot of small businesses want to look like their competitors, but that generally is a mistake. Bravo for Costa Brava!


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