Will people ignore your ad?

TechCrunch has a new article on internet advertising. It states that 43% of internet users ignore banner ads. Interestingly, other media have a much lower “ignore” rate: 14% of surveyed people say they ignore television ads, 7% for radio, and 6% ignore newspaper ads.

Much is made about how many people ignore advertising. In fact, a lot of business owners I’ve talked to use this as an excuse to cut their advertising. What surprises me is how many people don’t ignore advertising. 86% of viewers do not tune out television commercials! 57% of internet users take notice of banner ads! Now that doesn’t mean that a particular viewer or user will respond to your ad, but it does mean that they at least give you a chance to tell your story, to let them know what your small business is all about.

You’d do well to make the most of it.


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