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Recently, I’ve gotten a lot of blog traffic via various google searches for Trader Joe billboards. We talk about billboards a lot here, but we’ve only talked about Trader Joe’s once (not counting this blog) where we looked at how they try to look like a small business. Still, the amount of traffic coming from that one search peaked my curiosity. So I google it.

What I found were some really neat billboards created by Nico Ammann that are literally out of the box.

Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell big-name brands, that is the thing that sets them apart from other grocers. So how do you tell people that you don’t carry those brands? They got creative and set up bulletins near national brand advertising and proudly say, “We don’t carry it.” Awesome idea. Wish I came up with it.

Here is one example:

Trader Joe's "outside the box" billboard

Great job, Nico. You can see several more examples of the Trader Joe’s campaign at his website.

Update: Nico contacted me to let me know that this concept was something that he pitched to the Trader Joe’s in Los Angeles, but the idea was never implemented. Still, the idea is brilliant. Trader Joe’s should take him up on it.


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