How much?

How much would you expect to pay for a nice suit? They aren’t inexpensive, but barring any trendy fashion whim (leisure suits, anyone?), a good suit will be last many years and many events. I don’t know about you, but I usually have to replace a suit because of my growing middle, not because I wore it out.

Now what about a tailored suit? One made specifically to fit you? You expect it to be more costly than even a really nice off-the-rack suit. After all, not only are you paying for the time and materials to make your suit, you are paying for the tailor’s expertise in fitting the suit to you and sewing the materials together in a way that makes you look your best.

Now, what if you require a suit that is not only tailor-fitted to you, but is completely unique? It can’t look like any other suit out there. When someone sees your unique suit, they must immediately think, “That is (insert your name here).”

When you ask a design professional to create a logo for your business, you are essentially asking for a one-of-a-kind, completely unique tailor-fitted suit for your company. Now do you see why a logo costs more than a couple of hundred dollars?

As a small business, you shouldn’t pay tens of thousands of dollars for logo design, but you shouldn’t expect to only pay a few hundred dollars for one either.

Back in 1980, CNN paid about $2500 for their logo. That is a small investment by business standards, but their investment has payed off handsomely. I promise you that they have gotten their money’s worth from it.


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