Apple: a lesson in branding

We’ve talked about branding a lot on these pages. Here’s a video of Steve Jobs introducing Apple’s “Think Different” advertising campaign which launched in 1997. He gives one of the best explanations of what a brand is that I’ve ever heard.

Notice that although he talks about their product and how he believes it’s the best available, he recognizes that a brand is more than what you sell, it’s what you stand for. So they set out to define what they stand for and distill it down to a simple message. Jobs gives a well thought out look at branding a business, and the result is a great example of how a fresh message that resonates with its audience can reinvigorate a business.

And, it’s something that you can do for your small business. Simply ask yourself what you really sell and begin to tell people in a way that’s easy to understand.

(Hat-tip to Jason Kottke)


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