Advertising Gone Wild

I’ve been getting a lot of spam in the comments lately. Fortunately I use Akismet on this site and it catches the spam quite nicely so you all don’t have to be subjected to it. Being in advertising, I especially hate spam. You see, spam is advertising. Bad advertising. It’s every bad advertising practice pressed into one slimy mass.

How you advertise says a whole lot about how you do business and what you think of your customer. Spam isn’t limited to the internet. It’s served up in every ad that screams for attention but offers no real information. It’s in every ad that promises something that the business owner has no intention of delivering. Any time a business wants your money but doesn’t really care about delivering something of value, then its advertising is spam.

Advertising is not about who can speak the loudest or the longest, it’s about getting useful information to people who would benefit from your product or service. Ideally, advertising is the introduction that develops into a long lasting business relationship.

What does your advertising say about you?


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