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A lot of emphasis is given to an ad’s message on this site. That’s because of the three pillars of successful advertising, the message is the hardest to get right. Occasionally you’ll find that the frequency was insufficient or the reach was non-existent in a particular failed campaign, but usually that’s not the case. Most often the message is at fault.

Very often small business ads have no message at all, they’re simply a list of services or products. Color printing has gotten cheap enough that you can put pictures all over your ad, and a lot of small businesses do so to such a degree that you can’t tell what you’re supposed to be looking at. If you are not saying anything, why should people listen?

The most powerful messages are always simple. It’s hard work to look at what you do and distill that down to one simple message, but it is essential to your advertising. An advertisement by its nature has to be short and succinct. Clutter it up with information that doesn’t support your message and you’ll just confuse people. Your advertising message has to compete with a lot of clutter and noise to be heard. Don’t make things more difficult by adding noise and clutter within your own ad.


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