What do you really sell?

You might be an accountant and think you sell book-keeping and tax services, but in your customer’s mind they are buying insurance — because you know what you’re doing they don’t have to worry about improper tax filings and IRS troubles. Or maybe you sell sporting goods, or at least that’s what you think. Your customers might be buying an outdoor adventure.

One of the mistakes of small business advertising is that it is often simply a list of products and features. But everybody has a product for sale, and nobody really buys a feature. They buy solutions and benefits, and sometimes an escape or an experience.

So ask yourself, what is it you really sell?

Jeff’s Jewelry – More Than Jewelry from Mike Mayfield on Vimeo.


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  1. Dallas says:

    Awesome post. Such a true concept that gets overlooked most of the time. In the end, most people are buying experiences.

  2. john says:

    Makes us think about our company’s real mission. thanks

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