First things first

Today is Monday. At some point today you will sit down and think that you ought to work on growing your business and attracting new customers. Here’s something you can do this week that is simple and will lay the foundation to all your future branding and marketing.

Every day this week, set aside thirty minutes to jot down what makes your business unique from your competitors. Really think it through and write down everything you think of no matter how trivial. It may be your focus, or your business philosophy, or maybe because you truly care. It might be some new process, or an incredible attention to detail. It might be that you try harder. (That’s what Avis came up with, look what it did for them.) Whatever you come up with, write it down. All of it.

Tomorrow and the next day, do it again. Do it every day this week. Try to think of something different than what you wrote down the day before, but if you can’t then try to describe those same things differently than you did yesterday.

What good will this do? If you haven’t defined your business and your brand in your own mind, then you won’t be able to do so in your advertising.

Update: Here is a follow up to this post.


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