Behold! The Power of Advertising!

Every now and then I’ll talk with someone who claims that advertising doesn’t work. What I’d like to say is, “Yeah, all those Fortune 500 companies like Home Depot and McDonalds spend millions on advertising because they’re dopes!”

But I don’t say that. If I’m feeling talkative, I’ll ask them about their advertising. Usually you find that the reason it didn’t work for them is because at least one of the Three Pillars of Advertising wasn’t in place.

One of the things advertising does is make people feel like they are familiar with your company even though they aren’t necessarily a customer. You become known to them. They’ve heard of you, even if they can’t remember where, and that makes them more likely to buy your product.

This video¬†on YouTube illustrates this “breeding” of familiarity and shows how advertising can effect a person’s thinking. While I don’t buy the whole subliminal thing, the truth is advertising influences you. That’s why Fortune 500 companies spend so much on it.

Normally I would embed the video within this post, but the video’s creators have disabled the embedding option. But have a look, and don’t miss the ending. You’ll be amazed. Enjoy!


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  1. Dallas says:

    That’s awesome. Their faces were priceless.

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