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I just finished up a logo for client up in British Columbia, and I’m just beginning one for a local start-up, so logos are on my mind.

Your logo is important.  It is the visual representation of your business. I’ve likened it to a signature, but its more than that. Just as we recognize a friend by their face, we recognize a company by its logo.

We’re more or less stuck with the face God gave us, but we can choose the face or logo for our company. You should choose a good one.

Now I’m not talking about looks or aesthetics. What one person loves may be detested by another, which is why we say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m saying that your logo should last for the long haul and be useful in any medium in which its needed.

I’m always surprised at the mistakes that graphic artists make when designing a logo. Mistakes that compromise not only the purpose of a logo, but its usefulness as well.

Gareth Hardy at down with design has a list of the ten most common logo mistakes, complete with illustrations. Some items on the list are aimed more towards designers, but it is a good checklist for any small business to see if their logo is up to snuff.

If an item on Gareth’s list describes your logo, consider having it redesigned. You won’t regret it.


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