Make your message strike a chord

Last week I wrote on the two most important things to do when making an ad. With that in mind, I’d like to share a TV spot that I did a while back for one of my clients, a jeweler in Wichita Falls.

For a jeweler, differentiating yourself from all the other jewelry stores in the area can be difficult. Every jeweler sells watches, rings, and bracelets, and does repairs as well. People expect that. So how do you get people to remember you when its time to buy a ring?

The way you do that is to come up with a message that resonates with people. When they hear your message, they think, “This guy gets it.” Because so few people seem to “get it” now days, you stand out.

The message we wanted to say with this ad is really simple: We have the gifts that are meaningful. Now that we have the message, all we need to do is say it well. ┬áIf we say the message well, in a way that strikes a chord with people, they’ll respond in a positive way.

The spot below was very successful. Your advertising can be successful, too.

Goldcreations Valentine’s Spot from Mike Mayfield on Vimeo.


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